Trace data. Build context. Understand more.

Enrich your management framework with contextualized data to create a common understanding.

Aposphere Insight, Complexity Simplified.

Aposphere Insight makes you plan smart, be agile, work efficiently, and deliver effectively. The powerful cloud-based platform drives your complex planning and operative execution – providing you with the 360° bird's-eye perspective to create situational awareness.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the complexity or frustrated by the sluggishness and inertia of your institution's decision making processes?

Increase Efficiency

We assist you to reduce open loops and the associated wasted time allowing employees to focus on their core tasks. Information flows can be accelerated and automatized within and across operational and technical disciplines.

Effortlessly tailor Aposphere Insight to match your organizational management approach

Leverage your expertise and tailor Aposphere Insight to streamline your management approaches and frameworks to deliver next level effectiveness, creating a sense of comfort and familiarity like never before. With Aposphere Insight, the quest for the perfect organizational platform finally reaches a successful conclusion.

Move from planning to execution with ease and create common understanding

Efficiency and collaboration are at the forefront of Aposphere Insight's philosophy. Streamline your operations by seamlessly integrating planning, execution, and team collaboration combined in one platform.

Aposphere Insight Plans

CHF 79

(per seat and month, billed anually)

For users and teams who need to power their planning and execution.

Standard includes:

  • Model your Strategy
  • Manage your Project
  • Impact & Progress Reporting
  • Access DataHub for Data-driven Impact Evaluation
  • Upload your Datasets to DataHub
  • Control who can access or edit
CHF 119

(per seat and month, billed anually)

For users and teams who need to power their full knowledge pipeline.

Everything in Standard, plus:

  • Define your own Reports
  • Add your own Tags
  • Use your own Scales
  • Create Surveys for DataHub
  • Share strategic Information across Projects
  • Use multiple Standards
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(per seat and month, billed anually)

For institutions who need to embed Aposphere Insight into their existing landscape.

Available Services:

  • Customizable standard & terminology
  • Integrations (Finance, Funding, HR, etc.)
  • Connect DataHub with your Database
  • On-premises hosting
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Global user management
  • Customer success manager
  • Priority support


Discover how Aposphere Insight simplifies your complexity and makes it manageable.

Make your planning stand out

Collaboratively design high-quality models that show how you perform and manage it in systemic and/or hierarchical ways – because you work best in environments that make you feel familiar.

Leverage agile operations

Employ our adaptive model workflows to quickly yet sustainably adapt to inevitable changes. Ensure that your actions are always in line with your desired outcomes.

Collaborate and maintain full situational awareness

Organize your teamwork through context-based collaboration. Stop worrying about disconnected teams working on different versions of the same document. We provide a central workspace to execute your strategy framework and drive your mission.

Amaze stakeholders with live dashboards showcasing real-time data

Create tailored live reports by the push of a button – keeping team members, donors, and other stakeholders informed about your outcomes and performance. Always stay in control over who (internal/external) has access to your information.

Drive your monitoring with seamless (and hands off) data integration

Aposphere Insight’s DataHub automatically pulls and harmonizes data from various sources (DataMaker, surveys, public data, cloud services) and lets you integrate any data in a breeze – effortlessly driving your KPI-monitoring.

Align your work to your strategy

Manage your progress using the workplan module and link it to your management framework - ensuring that your execution is always in line with your organization’s strategy.

Stay in the loop

At Aposphere, Form follows Function: We offer ready-to-use platforms, but we are also open to discuss your very specific idea.

© 2023 Aposphere GmbH. All rights reserved
© 2023 Aposphere GmbH. All rights reserved