Use Case: Hawksbill Turtle Project – Conservation Standards

This use case presents a strategic plan for the Hawksbill Turtle project based in the Conservation Standards, including diagrams, data integration with indicators, an associated workplan and a dashboard.


The dashboard displayed focuses on one of the targets, showing the objectives and the indicators with the connected data sources. Furthermore, the ingoing and outgoing connections of the box are displayed as well for additional context.

Dashboard of the targets with objectives, indicators and the information of the connected boxes from the diagram
Strategic Framework Dashboard

The diagrams for the current situation diagram and planned change diagram can be modelled visually according to the standards rules. Objectives can be defined with indicators connected to various data sources. The workplan is already integrated directly in the diagram editor (Learn more about the workplan in this use case). Stories and attachments can be shared directly in the right context in the diagram and discussed, using the collaboration features.

Editor view of the sitation analysis with options to edit boxes, view description, collect ideams and add stories.
Editor view of the situation analysis
Editor view of the theory of change with options to edit boxes, view description, define milestones and connect indicator data.
Editor view of the theory of change
Data Integration

The data integration to provide the indicators with actual data is leveraged by the DataHub, which collects datasets from various sources such as Open Data databases (UNSDG, Worldbank, Our World In Data, etc.) and personal Clouds (Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.). But it allows also to create and share datasets directly on the Aposphere platform using the DataMaker, which can be used to model datasets as table data, and the SurveyMaker, to publish surveys for employees, team members and the public, collecting and providing the responses as datasets directly to the strategic diagrams.

DataHub integration providing a list of internal as well as external data sources
The data sources as integrated via the DataHub

This use case of the Hawksbill Turtles has been provided by the WildTeam converted to Conservation Standards.