Aposphere Insight

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the complexity or frustrated by the sluggishness and inertia of your institution’s decision making processes?

Aposphere Insight makes you plan smart, operate agile, work efficiently, and deliver effectively – the powerful cloud-based platform drives your complex planning allowing you to get the big picture.

Aposphere Insight links strategy and execution, and brings in your data as the evidence basis for decision making.

Driving strategy and action synchronously allows you to continuously adapt in an ever-changing world to maximize impact.

Discover how Aposphere Insight makes complexity manageable.

Make Results based Management your Fundament

Results based management is best practice for all impact oriented institutions. Make it part of your institutional DNA and let seamless execution become your habit to boost your mission. Drive results and achieve impact – evidence based.

Boost Efficacy

Many tools require a lot of work without getting the needed results. That can’t happen with Aposphere Insight. Everything that you’re doing is serving the purpose of your project. Put efficacy and results oriented execution center stage.

Intuitive Use

Aposphere Insight’s clean design captures your complex framework. All of a sudden, complexity feels tangible and manageable. It’s obvious what to tackle next.

The mothership of your tools

Thanks to its agility and compatibility Aposphere Insight can easily integrate all the existing tools and apps you’re using. It’s a long-term investment – our team of experts in strategy, project development and IT implementation of all complexity degrees, will assist and support you throughout your execution. We listen – together with you we find the best solution tailored to your very specific needs.

Single source of truth

With Aposphere Insight, there are no more worries about inter-tool incompatibilities, about various people working on different versions of the same document, or about the strategy being disconnected from the execution. We provide a central repository to execute your strategy framework and drive your mission.

Systemic and hierarchical information editing

Edit your strategic information in systemic or hierarchical form – because you work best in an environment where you feel familiar. Do not get lost anymore in complex plannings because you get the information when and where you need it. Employ our adaptive model workflows to quickly yet sustainably adapt to inevitable changes.

Fully integrated data management hub

Basing your operations framework on data makes performance and progress measurable. Explore the potential of our integrated data management hub: edit data in-place or access existing data bases – and source this data directly to the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) of your strategy. Unleash the full power of evidence-based management.

Breathtaking reports in seconds

Create live reports by the push of a button – keeping internal and external stakeholders connected to your framework and data in real time.



CHF 79

(per seat and month, billed annually)

For users and teams who need to power their planning and execution.

Standard includes:

  • Model your Strategy
  • Manage your Projects
  • Impact & Progress Reporting
  • Access DataHub for Data-driven Impact Evaluation
  • Upload your Datasets to DataHub
  • Control who can access or edit


CHF 119

(per seat and month, billed annually)

For users and teams who need to power their full knowledge pipeline.

Everything in standard, PLUS:

  • Define your own Reports
  • Add your own Tags
  • Use your own Scales
  • Create Surveys for DataHub
  • Share strategic Information across Projects
  • Use multiple Standards


For institutions who need to embed Aposphere Insight into their existing landscape.

Available Services:

  • Customizable standard & terminology
  • Integrations (Finance, Funding, HR, etc.)
  • Connect DataHub with your Database
  • On-premise hosting
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Global user management
  • Customer success manager
  • Priority support

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