Aposphere Insight Plans

CHF 79
/seat /month
CHF 119
/seat /month
Strategy Editor (Diagram)
Visual strategy editing to model and understand impact pathways
Strategy Editor (List)
Hierarchical strategy editing in logframe view
Project Management (Workplan)
Plan and measure your progress
Cross-link Diagrams
Link boxes in different diagrams to express strategic relations
Monitoring and Impact Aggregation
Monitor indicator performance and track against work progress
Data-driven Evaluation
Integrate data from internal and external sources to evaluate the performance of your indicators
Link Publicly Available Data
Integrate publicly available data (World Bank, Our World In Data, ...) to evaluate your indicators
Upload Datasets
Upload, edit, and organize your datasets
Data Gathering Surveys
Surveys to poll data with no barrier to evaluate your indicators
Impact & Progress Reporting
Automated generation of reporting material for internal and external stakeholders through different standard templates
Configurable Reports
Full configuration of the reporting material generation
Custom evaluation Scales
Customize the default scale to match your organisation's standards
Standard Tags
Standard tags to efficiently organize your content
Custom Tags
Create your own tags
Multiple Standards
Use multiple Standards within the same Organisation
Collaboration & Access Control
Context-based discussion, access control, internal and external sharing
Advanced Collaboration
File attachments, stories to capture soft data
Adaptive Management Workflow
Iterative strategy editing to incorporate changes and feedback
Advanced Adaptive Management Workflow
Request approval before merging changes back into the live version
Miradi Import
Import and convert your existing Miradi files
Import/export project files
History and change tracking
Maximum Number of Projects5100

* Billed annually, monthly plan payments cost 25% more.

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