Results-Based Project Management

See how WWF Switzerland uses Aposphere Insight to track work progress and results.

Aposphere Insight’s integrated workplan module is used for agile task management in combination with the integrated impact evaluation using indicators.

WWF Switzerland is committed to a full and complete recovery after a chemical pollution disaster in Uver, attributed to the company Fandi SA. A light-weight strategy approach is used, allowing for agile and results-based operations.


A live dashboard shows the most important metrics of the results-based project management, such as task completion, upcoming tasks with due dates and responsible team members, the strategic alignment of the project informing the next steps based on the results and assessments.

Recent success stories also contribute to the overview of the current status of the project.


The agile project plan is managed in Aposphere Insight’s intuitive editor.

The task management is performed with a strong strategic alignment where tasks are directly linked to strategic goals.

The strategic goal view shows the associated tasks with their due dates and responsibilities.

Context-based collaboration ensures that the relevant information remains in the right place and is easily accessible.

Assessments are used to evaluate whether the carried-out work generates the desired impact.

The strategic assessments are entered just in place and success stories can be directly posted in the context, too.

Personal Task List

Each team member has a personal task overview containing the tasks the user is assigned to (or contributes to).

The personal task list gives a swift overview of one's tasks without having to dig through all the other information.

Tasks can also be discussed directly in place, and for each task, the linked strategic goals and results are readily available.

This use case of the Chemical Pollution Disaster has been provided by the WWF Switzerland (names and locations changed).

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© 2023 Aposphere GmbH. All rights reserved