Annual Operation Plan

Discover how Wildlife Africa Fund (WAF) uses Aposphere Insight to implement their annual operation plan.

Previously working with large Excel files, WAF wanted to facilitate collaboration, create more engagement within their team through user friendliness, and establish a live connection to the finance data managed in Salesforce.

Thanks to the full configurability of Aposphere Insight, WAF models their specific organizational workflows consisting of annual planning by fiscal year (end of June), goal assessment at the end of each quarter plus at the end of each fiscal year, and attachment of funding sources to the goals (to show where money is spent).


A live dashboard summarizes the relevant information on a single page, for executives and team members to get an overview and assess where their attention is needed.

This dashboard shows the state at the end of January 2023 of the operations 2022/2023, where two of the four goals are currently On Track, based on the assessments given for Q1 and Q2 and the automatic survey integration. For the second goal, which is Off Track and behind schedule, an assessment is overdue. Regarding the funding sources for the goals, the amount and the donor are shown for each goal.


The new annual operation plan is managed collaboratively in Aposphere Insight’s intuitive editor.

Quarter-wise assessments are planned for each goal, which are then answered over the course of the year.

Funding sources (each goal can have one or many funding sources) are displayed right in place.

Compared to their previous setup using Excel, WAF team members appreciate the commenting and file sharing related to individual goals and assessments, allowing to keep the relevant information where it belongs. Assigning team members to specific goals/assignments creates clear responsibilities.

Role-based access control is used to provide access to different parts of the planning, something that was not possible in Excel.

Funding Sources

One requirement when choosing the Aposphere Insight platform was the ability to be embedded into WAF’s existing IT system landscape.

For example, WAF uses Salesforce, a CRM (Customer Relations Management) tool, from which the funding sources are synchronized with the annual operation plan in Aposphere Insight.

Salesforce is only one of many integrations Aposphere Insight provides.

Starting Point

The Annual Operation Plan was previously tracked in an Excel file, which lacked the connection to Salesforce, the collaboration aspect and the access control the online cloud-based solution from Aposphere provides.

This use case is based on a real project; however, names have been changed.

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© 2023 Aposphere GmbH. All rights reserved