5-Year Operation Plan

Learn how Zambezi Restauration Fund (ZRF) uses Aposphere Insight to implement their 5-year operation plan.

ZRF’s planning process includes 5-year strategic goals as well as finer grain 1-year goals.

Goals are evaluated individually (through data-driven indicators; or by manual assessments) and aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG). Should changes be needed within a planning cycle, adaptation can be requested and discussed in the team.

Aposphere Insight is chosen for its ability to model the organization-specific strategic framework as well as its collaboration features including change tracking and approval workflows.


A live dashboard summarizes the relevant information on a single page, for executives and team members to create common awareness.

This dashboard shows the state at the end of January 2020 of the 5-year operation 2016-2021, with two 5-year goals consisting of several 1-year goals for better fine-granular control. Each of the goals is evaluated individually either by manual assessments or automatically through data-driven indicators.


The 5-year operation plan is managed collaboratively in Aposphere Insight’s intuitive editor.

Responsible people or teams for each goal create clear responsibilities and the context-based discussion assures that the relevant inputs from different stakeholders are kept in a central place, thus protecting the learned lessons from potential personnel fluctuations within a planning cycle.

Goals are associated with one or several SDG to classify the expected impact.

1-year goals enable a more fine-grained planning within each 5-year goal.

Both 1-year and 5-year goals are evaluated either by manually entering the performance or automatically through a linked data source such as field data or surveys.


As the world changes fast, a 5-year plan almost never stays the same for 5 years, and therefore adaptations are needed.

ZRF assesses the current situation in half-yearly sessions. Required changes are proposed by the team for approval of the project’s responsible.

All adaptations are tracked and can be used to understand the evolution over the 5 years.

This use case is based on a real project; however, names have been changed.

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© 2023 Aposphere GmbH. All rights reserved