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Are you suffering from multiple data inputs in different repositories leading to disconnected data flow and loss of overview?

The most important thing we have realized on our journey so far is that it is crucial to possess a single source of truth for your data. We strongly believe that an informed and structured approach maximizes the created impact.

We offer specialist consulting to companies and organizations. Together with you, we understand your current framework, propose improvements, agnostically analyze potential solutions, and facilitate the implementation of the chosen path.

Therefore, we help to collect your data in a structured way and distribute it sensibly in your institution to generate insights. Having a single source of truth and a streamlined data structure saves you time and work.

Aposphere is bringing solutions to organizations around the world. How can we help your organization?

Increase Efficiency

We assist you to reduce open loops and the associated wasted time allowing employees to focus on their core tasks. Information flows can be accelerated and automatized within and across operational and technical disciplines.

Minimize Bottlenecks

We make you continuously improve, optimize, and preserve best practice independently of potential personnel fluctuations. This allows you to introduce future projects, departments, or employees to the business specific best practices much faster by providing the appropriate integrated tool infrastructure.

Our Expertise

Our experienced team is happy to assist you to find the optimal solution for your complex problem. Our main expertise includes:

Process optimization
Data structuring and organization
Tool Implementation

Our Approach

We typically divide our projects in four subsequent phases:

Phase 1
Specific requirements analysis

In this first phase, the current framework is analyzed with respect to the enforced best practices, the present information flow, and the effectiveness of impact evaluation. Based on this analysis potential improvements of the framework are suggested and the requirements for needed tools are elaborated.

Phase 2
Agnostic vendor analysis

In a second phase, based on the requirements defined in phase 1, solution scenarios are discussed, and existing solutions are compared and evaluated in terms of fit and cost. The outcome of this second phase is a qualified recommendation on the eventual choice of a dedicated software solution for the enforcement of best practices in strategic planning and operations.

Phase 3
Vendor selection

Once the desired solution is chosen, we facilitate the selection of vendor and implementation partners. In this phase, agreements are negotiated, and contracts are established to prepare for the implementation.

Phase 4

We coordinate the implementation and training. An implementation team with the required expertise is selected. The solution is built, tested and deployed. Finally, the future users are trained.

This step wise project organization with milestones at the end of every phase gives you full control over project progress and cost.

Stay in the loop

At Aposphere, Form follows Function: We offer ready-to-use platforms, but we are also open to discuss your very specific idea.

© 2023 Aposphere GmbH. All rights reserved
© 2023 Aposphere GmbH. All rights reserved